What to consider when embarking on a cruise?

Preparation for a cruises is similar to preparing for a land holiday where you will  take a flight. It can be hassle free and smooth provided that the right actions are put in place. Usually the way you start out your trip is a determining factor for  the mood you set for the trip.


It is important that you get the right  time for embarkation  of the ship as this is the time when you do your check in  as in the case of flight. It is advisable to arrive one day earlier at your embarkation port. This prevents you from  having stress in case of flight delay or any unforeseen situation. If that is impossible, then several hours before sailing would be a close option. That way you are starting your holiday as relaxed as possible.


If you are like me and have a difficult time deciding on what to carry on a trip , then  it be best that you begin on time so as to avoid the last minute hustle and rush which could lead to forgetting items.  The first thing to tackle is the type of suitcase to carry . I would suggested suitcases  made out of fabric as they are less cumbersome and they can easily be stored in a closet on board the ship. A suitcase with wheels makes it easier for you at the airport. For a cruise 1 or 2 solid but light suitcase will be fine along with a carry- on bag. The last one is handy for shore excursions and on the first and last day of the cruise holiday .anatomy-cruise-carry-on


Each guest on Royal Caribbean  has a luggage allowance of 90 kg per person  however please be advised that airlines may charge for excess or oversized luggage. Charges incurred for excess or oversized baggage are the sole responsibility of the passenger. Each airline has a different limit on the amount of luggage they allow. Therefore you need to be careful that you do not over shoot the ideal weight so that you don’t end up paying extra.


When packing the clothes for the duration of your cruise , its essential to bear in mind that dress code for cruises vary. Some cruises are very casual and informal , others are elegant, chic  and formal. In most cases it is a mixture of both as in the case of Royal Caribbean. Bring a mixture of clothes and enjoy every moment that the cruise has to offer.  From dining in a luxury restaurant wearing your Sunday best with the captain of the ship , exploring the new cities and adventure in your favourite jeans n top , to visiting the gym during your cruise holiday. Note that the weather at sea is very chilly and  coupled with the  air conditions on board makes it necessary to dress properly , comfortably with solid shoes. A slippers can be useful and convenient as well.

Below are a few suggestion on what to wear on a cruise for both women and men. A good understand of what to pack can add to the success of your vacation.


Men cruise wear

Men cruise wear


Top things to Pack

  • Passport , Id, ticket ,credit card, driver’s license
  • Camera , batteries, mobile phone & charger
  • Swim wear, underwear
  • Necessary clothes
  • Good walking shoes
  • Cap of the sun, sun glasses and sun screen
  • Lightweight sweater/ jacket
  • Guidebooks and other port of call information, maps


Other important items  include pashmina for ladies, small shoulder bag , binoculars, laptop to stay connected onboard , a small air freshener for your room especially for room without veranda, sport clothes if you plan on using the gym and a few interesting books ( though I doubt you will read them).