What’s more perfect than exploring new cultures while soaking up the sun and dipping your toes in turquoise waters? Doing these things with the whole family! Cruises offer the stress-free flexibility that all families look for when going on vacation. From onboard activities to offshore excursions, family cruises have something for everyone. Here are five reasons why you should gather up the gang for a family cruise getaway.



When you embark on a family cruise trip, you’ll enjoy the thrills of an unforgettable vacation before you even get to your destination. Easy-to-plan, fun onboard activities are an enticing reason to choose a cruise instead of a land-based vacation for your family getaway. There are a variety of incredible options that the whole family can enjoy, most of which are included in your trip. Each activity is designed with your family’s relaxation in mind. On a family cruise, every detail is carefully tended to by staff, so you are free to focus on collecting brag-worthy and life-changing moments.


How does skydiving in an onboard air machine, watching a show at an aquatic theater oasis or riding a carousel at sea sound to you? Activities you’ve always dreamed about (or never even imagined) doing are included and available with your cruise; they will give you a taste of the excitement to come on your off-board excursions. With so many indoor and outdoor activities available for the whole family, these cruises will let you leave your stress on land, far, far behind.



Witness the majesty of new lands from a stunning perspective. Sailing up to a brand-new place and knowing you’re about to step into a whole new world is an experience like no other. To get the most of your onshore excursions, take advantage of a cruise-planner, an expert traveler who can design bespoke experiences for you and the family based on your preferences and mood for the day.


You’ll find yourselves diving the warm waters of places like Belize, home to the second-largest barrier reef in the world, or Jeep-adventuring through pine forests in the Bahamas. Or your cruise could take you to Montego Bay, Jamaica, where the whole family can listen to reggae beats as they trek Mount Zion. So, whether your strategy involves taking the family to the tried-and-true attractions or discovering hidden gems together, you’re sure to find excitement happening beyond the shore.



Let your family get in touch with a destination’s heartbeat by way of its cultural heritage. True cultural immersion happens when you open up to a place and allow its rich history to guide you — all you have to do is look around and follow the off-beaten paths, like the stunning cobblestone lanes of places like Old San Juan in Puerto Rico, a 500-year-old town; the colorful and classic artisan markets in St. John’s, Antigua; and the dancing fiestas happening in the streets of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Another way of interacting with a new place is by simply walking around and making conversation. You’d be surprised at how much you can learn about a country through its people. Strike up a conversation with your taxi driver or your waiter, talk to the local family at the supermarket, say hello to folks looking out of their balconies. Get to know the people and ask about their daily life, what they love most about their home, what tourists can do to protect the area, how to say something in their language and more.

The best of all is that your family will be exposed to different cultures and ways of living, broadening their understanding of the world. Everywhere you look, there’s a chance to learn something about a destination’s history, so make your family getaway a hunt for knowledge, culture and understanding.



A cruise vacation is also a haven for foodies of all ages. Onboard, taste your way around the ship through its many dining experiences — there are different world-renowned restaurants just steps away from your cabin. You’ll be transported to different culinary capitals as you savor traditional homemade dishes and other family-pleasers the whole family will crave.

In Puerto Rico, try the popular fried plantains filled with savory meat and a fragrant cup of coffee and a shot of Puerto Rican rum. In Aruba, go for pan bati (bread), mahi-mahi (fish) or their famous cabrito soba, a delicious goat stew. In the Caribbean, there are tasty treats for everyone to enjoy, and cruising from one destination to the next is the best way to dive into delicious dishes with the whole family.

In Jamaica, go for the famous jerk chicken, a sweetly perfumed, smoky dish that is the island’s culinary claim to fame. In Bermuda, try the famous jumbo fish sandwiches made with shredded fish or go fine dining to try delicacies such as grilled scallops in white wine, puff pastries or duck prosciutto.

Food is perhaps one of the main reasons people travel, and with a cruise you can hop to different culinary capitals, tasting your way around the world.



While nighttime usually belongs to the adults, every member of the family can enjoy the spirit of the night with the many activities available onboard. See the night in a whole new way with activities like the outdoor virtual reality experience that launches you into space while you hang from the ceiling of a galactic sphere. Or the skydiving adventure that features neon lights after sundown Or take on the tallest slide at sea that turns into a spectacle of light at night. These attractions are sure to bring out the kid in each member of your family.


If you’re looking for more grown-up nighttime activities, stop by any of the bars —Pool bars, sky bars, maritime-inspired bars and more — You may even encounter the trendy robotic mixologists who will make your favorite drinks or skillfully concoct new inventions of their own. It’s a show on its own!

And if the family is looking to enjoy some onboard theater, they can easily check out the ship’s themed parties, Tony-award-winning shows, game nights and dance clubs. With your whole family having this much fun, don’t be afraid to stay awake until the sun comes up.


You’ll find unforgettable activities, make lasting memories and soar to new heights — all before you even leave the ship. Cruises offer you the ability to teach kids about fascinating cultures and customs while tasting local delicacies and lounging in luxury. So, next time you’re deciding where to go for the upcoming family vacation, pack up your stuff, gather the crew and head out on the open seas. Your family will be talking about it for many years to come.