Every time you turn a corner in one of these incredible European cities, you turn a page in the story of Europe.

Europe has some of the most outstanding nature in the world and the fact remains, however, that many of the best places to visit in Europe are its cities, where centuries of history melt together with culture, cuisine and charm you can’t find anywhere else. Here are our top 5 must visit Europe’s most enchanting cities on your next cruise.


It might be tempting to skip over Athens, particularly if you’ve never been to Greece or are eager to get to islands like Mykonos and Santorini. Athens offers a wide range of culinary experiences. Savor local street snacks or duck into award-winning restaurants for full-service takes on Greek food.

After exploring the Temple of Olympian Zeus, head to Syntagma Square, which is the seat of the modern Greek government. It’s not difficult to see why so many name Athens among the most beautiful European cruise destinations.


Barcelona’s cool coastal vibe gels perfectly with the centuries of art and culture it has fostered. Spend your morning catching rays of Barceloneta Beach and then pay a visit to Park Güell, one of the best-known works of visionary artist Antoni Gaudí, in time for sunset.

In addition, Barcelona is a foodie paradise. The best place to go if you’ve only got a few hours is La Boqueria market then head back to Barceloneta and drop into one of the countless eateries in the neighborhood’s narrow, colorful streets.


If you’re on the hunt for the most beautiful European cruise destinations, look no farther than the city of Nice, the hub of the French Riviera. Nice is a great place to hub yourself if you plan to spend a few days there. Head to nearby Cannes (even if you can’t attend the film festival) or to luxurious Saint-Tropez. Or ride the train to Eze, which offers sweeping views of the Mediterranean, or to Monaco, where you can try your luck at Monte Carlo Casino.


There are few destinations in Europe, let alone the world, more unique than the “floating city” of Venice. Whether you walk across the Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal or hire a gondolier to take you on a twisting, turning, private ride through smaller waterways, it’s difficult not to fall in love with Italy’s most romantic city. You can choose Murano, which is famous for its delicate, hand-blown glass and you can see it being made during your visit.


Few cities are more quintessentially European than Amsterdam. From the moment you exit Amsterdam Central Station and board a tram riding south toward Dam Square, Amsterdam’s charm is delightfully overwhelming. Travel like a true citizen of Amsterdam and rent a bike (Vondelpark is cyclist-friendly).

Have longer than a few hours? Take advantage of the Netherlands’ small size (and great trains) and enjoy a day excursion.

Are you ready to take on Europe and the Mediterranean? visit Europe’s most enchanting cities on your next cruise.